Here is a list of common questions and answers and also terms of the monthly subscription.

How do I sign up?

You can click this link that will take you to the sign up offer page.


How do I cancel my subscription?

1. Log into your SWIS VideoFlix account.


2. In the upper right hand corner is your profile....click it.

3. Click the settings button.

4. Click Credit Card Info button in the upper right hand corner

5. Under Active Subscriptions....click Cancel

6. Another page will open...click Cancel This Subscription

7. Click Remove Card and Cancel all Subscriptions

8. Another Warning Box will open...click Remove my card and cancel all my subscriptions

When will my credit card get billed?

Your credit card will get billed $7.98 US after the free 7 day trial and then monthly after that.

When I sign up, when do I get access to the videos?

You will get an email immediately with the website log in link and your username and password you created.

What devices can I watch the videos on?

You can watch the SWIS Videos on any internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Are the videos downloadable?

The videos are not downloadable...they are streamed... similar to NetFlix.

If I cancel, do I get a prorated refund off my monthly subscription bill?

If you cancel, you will have access to the site for the rest of the month, so there is no prorated refund rate...It would be too complicated and labor intensive to do that.

I forgot my password, how do I get it?

Under the "Sign In" button, there is a link "Forgot Password" that will reset your password.

How long are the videos?

Most of the videos are 90 minutes long. A few are longer and shorter, but most are 90 minutes long.

I am having technical difficulties, who do I contact?

You can contact support at [email protected]


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